Annex Facility: Construction of the hardened tornado shelter was completed in FY2018. This facility dramatically increases operational continuity of mission critical 9-1-1 operations through structural, mechanical, and technological systems.

Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity continued to be a major focus, as new detection and monitoring techniques were deployed, to combat ever-evolving threats to critical communications infrastructure. Technical staff work to safeguard security and reliability of the 9-1-1 system and related networks that are crucial to public safety in the district.

9-1-1 Lab: Denco completed connection of its laboratory environment to the IP selective router as a stand-alone 9-1-1 system. This significant enhancement permits troubleshooting and testing in a duplicate 9-1-1 system that is not connected to the live public safety system. Denco can fully test new software and configurations “end-to-end” without affecting the live system, in addition to performing competitive testing of NENA i3 (NG9-1-1) core and ancillary services.

GIS Data Enhancements: The Denco Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff continues to enhance location data to an accuracy level that will support spatial routing of 9-1-1 calls. As the industry moves closer toward full implementation of NG9-1-1 and the eventual routing of 9-1-1 calls based on the location coordinates of the caller’s mobile phone, GIS data shifts from an ancillary to primary role. At the conclusion of FY2018, the Denco GIS dataset had closed to within 6% of the target accuracy rate needed for spatial routing capabilities.

GIS Interoperability Enhancements: Denco implemented the GIS Data Hub® to provide a quicker and easier process for local jurisdictions to submit GIS mapping updates for use in the 9-1-1 answering points. All submitted GIS data undergoes automated quality checks before aggregation with Denco GIS data.


Training Program Expansion: The training academy offers high quality basic, intermediate and advanced training programs to public safety personnel along with specialized training for Fire, EMD and supervisor/managers. With 137 courses offered in 2018, training contact hours continue to increase, now surpassing 16,000 contact hours.

Expanded Public Relations: In addition to participation in regional education campaigns, for more than 25 years Denco has coordinated an end of school year safety campaign to provide a specific safety message to elementary school students. The number of students participating in the program has grown to more than 60,000 students in 136 different schools. Denco continues its partnership with the Lewisville Fire Department “Life and Fire Safety” clown program. Each year, Denco participates in public events to inform citizens about 9-1-1 service. In FY2018, Denco attended 112 events to deliver educational messaging to the public.

Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD): Denco continues to support emergency medical dispatch training, software and quality assurance for each of the PSAPs in the district. In FY2018, Denco provided total maintenance for each agency and supported enhanced quality assurance activities. During 2018, Denco awarded two telecommunicators a Dr. Groff EMD scholarship to enhance their medical dispatch knowledge and skills.

Recruiting Support:During FY2018, Denco provided assistance in processing 749 telecommunicator applicants. Denco provides a series of pre-employment tests to help identify candidates with the required skillset to be a successful telecommunicator. Denco staff administered 147 state licensing exams, which covers telecommunicators, law enforcement officers, and jailers.

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