Rural Addressing

Pinpointing locations beyond the city limit
Many people move to unincorporated areas of Denton County to get away from it all. But in times of crisis, the Denco 9-1-1 addressing system provides first responders with a reliable way to serve rural callers.

Denco 9-1-1 works closely with the Denton County Planning Department on the plotting of new subdivisions and residents in the county’s jurisdiction. Under contract with the Denton County Commissioners Court, Denco 9-1-1 develops, deploys, and maintains the addressing grid and assignments throughout the county.

Identifying your 9-1-1 address in rural Denton County

New construction
If you are building or moving a structure onto a piece of property in rural Denton County, contact Denton County Planning (940-349-2990) for any permits you may need. Denton County Planning will contact Denco 9-1-1 while processing your permit to request your address. You do not need to contact Denco 9-1-1 or take any extra steps. When you receive your approved permit, it will have your address on it. Denco 9-1-1 cannot determine if you need a permit or not; approval to issue a new address without a permit must come directly from Denton County Planning.

Some subdivisions are preaddressed. If you know your subdivision name, phase, lot, and block, OR your DCAD property ID, Denco 9-1-1 may be able to assist you directly at 972-221-0911 or

Existing structures
For help with old addresses or letters of confirmation, contact Denco 9-1-1 for assistance at 972-221-0911 or

For assistance identifying your 9-1-1 address within the city limits, please contact the city in which the property is located. If you are unsure whether your property is located within the city limits, Denco 9-1-1 can assist you.