Pre-employment Testing

Take the first step to a career in 9-1-1
Denco 9-1-1 provides a valuable service to both job seekers and participating public safety agencies by offering pre-employment evaluation tools. All public safety agencies in the district have access to the test results, which may be used as a screening tool for applicants based on the individual agency’s parameters. Pre-employment testing includes:

Schedule Your Test

The pre-employment emergency communications center exam is conducted periodically. To reserve a spot in the next test session, please click the button on the right and complete the form. You will be invited to register for the next test session.



Basic Skills Examination

Denco administers the IPMA-HR exam for emergency communications centers to potential candidates for telecommunicator. The exam is based on nationwide job analyses that identified an emergency communications center employee’s critical knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics. Please note that it is up to each agency whether candidates are required to take the exam as part of their employee selection process, or whether this is a voluntary step to demonstrate levels of critical knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics, or simply not participate.

Select Advantage®

Public safety agencies in the district are also provided no-cost access to the Select Advantage psychological profile assessment testing. Select Advantage testing is based on the work behaviors deemed most crucial to a communication center’s success.



Public safety answering points in the Denco Area 9-1-1 District have access to the CritiCall software program, a nationally accepted applicant screening examination for basic call-taking and dispatching skills required for telecommunicators. CritiCall provides multiple modules to test the skills of applicants. These modules are preselected by the agency responsible for the testing. Each agency can select as many modules as it deems appropriate for pre-employment testing.